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The Cirrus SF50 

Vision Jet Experience

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A flight experience to remember!

Whether you are looking for a memorable experience flight, considering the purchase of a Vision Jet, want to get your 10 hours of complex for your commercial certificate, or just want to do an IPC the most epic way possible; we’ve got what you need. And we’re now boasting three SF50 type-rated Platinum CSIP instructors!

You and your instructor will discuss aircraft procedures while also doing in-depth hands on avionics ground training and then you’ll go up and see how easy and fun it really is. Bring up to two guests with you and share the experience of what the Cirrus Jet Life can really be!

Half-Day Experience

  • 1 hour pre-flight performance and systems briefing

  • 2 hour flight experience

  • 1 hour post-flight briefing


Full-Day Experience

  • More in-depth briefings

  • 2 flights totaling 4 hoursflying the jet

  • Full day with the jet CFI


A la Carte Experience

  • Multiple training days, overnight trips

  • $1,100 / hr + $400 / hr consumables

  • CFI: $1,000 / day

  • The sky’s the limit!