Q: How many instructors do you have?

A: We currently have ten full time instructors, three of which are Platinum CSIPs. We have three instructors on staff with Vision SF50 type ratings.


Q: How far in advance do I need to book a lesson/rental?

A: We welcome any kind of notice but if your training mission is to obtain a license or rating, one month’s notice will help us get you the exact dates you’d like.


Q: Do you have aircraft available to rent?

A: Yes! We have a Vision SF50 jet, a SR22, and two SR22T aircraft. All of our aircraft are Known Icing certified.


Q: Do you have access to a SF50 Vision Jet?

A: We have a Vision jet for rental at our Boeing Field (KBFI) facility.


Q: What's the hourly rent for your rental aircraft?

A: All our aircraft are billed with hourly wet leases:

  • G5 SR22T @ $525 / hr

  • G3 SR22 @ $400 / hr

  • SF50 Vision Jet @ $1,500 / hr


Q:can I get checked out to rent one of your aircraft?

A: Yes! Give us a call or email and we’ll fill you in on the details.


Q: Do you offer tours without flight instruction?

A: We offer introductory flights that are both scenic and filled with learning. As we are not a charter operation, we must conduct some kind of flight instruction.


Q: Can I bring along friends?

A: Absolutely. Just let us know and we’ll make sure the fuel and weights will work out.


Q: Do you buy or sell aircraft?

A: We do both. Our Buyer’s Service will help new owners manage the buying process with our 18 years of experience behind them. Our sales service will help you get the most money for your aircraft.



A: The Flight Academy will not fly or sanction flight in weather that is unsafe or for which a Cirrus is not rated. The weather at our departure location and our destination must be above published minimums in order for us to launch.

In the event weather does not permit a flight to take place as scheduled, the Flight Academy will attempt to find an alternate route that allows for a safe execution of the flight. If the weather causes the trip to be cancelled, no aircraft time will be billed but instructor fees will still apply. Any additional expenses incurred during the trip due to weather will be the responsibility of the customer.