Learn to fly in a Cirrus: one of the world’s safest, most comfortable and technologically advanced aircraft. Getting your Private Pilot’s license in a Cirrus opens up a new world of adventure, enjoyment, and expanded capability.

Our course is designed specifically for the Cirrus and focuses on how to make you a safe aviator, but also how to use your aircraft in your business and leisure time.

We have helped more than 120 zero time pilots earn their Private Pilot’s license in a Cirrus. With our experience and track record of success, we pledge to see you through to completion. For more detailed package information, click the link below to download the course PDF.

Highlights of our course include:

  • Flexible schedule

  • Train at your home base or one of ours

  • Fly with very experienced instructors

  • Realistic, scenario based training

  • Learn in the plane you’ll use as a licensed pilot

  • Get the most out of your Cirrus’ advanced capabilities