Now that you have flown your Cirrus for a while and are comfortable with the basics it is time to expand your comfort zone. Come fly with us and build your skills by going into real short field strips, grass strips, mountain airports, and airports with trees and obstacles. Get more comfortable flying into busy airspace, doing arrival and departure procedures and flying in real clouds.

We can build a training plan that incorporates mountain flying, complex airspace, real instrument weather conditions, unique airports (Catalina, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Leadville, Point Roberts, Hawaii and others) and anything else you want to do. We can fly for one session or build a multi day training experience for you.

You will be flying with one of our experienced Cirrus instructors. All of our instructors have extensive experience flying all over North America and can help you take your flying to the next level.


(For the Non-Pilot Flying Partner)

Partner Training

The Flight Academy can train your non-pilot flying partner or regular companions in the very easy but important steps required to safely control the aircraft in an emergency situation. They will learn how to use the autopilot, talk on the radios.