Buyer's Agent

When you are purchasing a new aircraft it is important to have expert knowledge of the aircraft, warranty, aircraft inspection and purchase process. The Flight Academy has been helping buyers locate, negotiate, inspect and take delivery of aircraft for over 11 years.

The seller of the aircraft has an agent working for them to maximize price and help them navigate the sales process and we feel that buyers should have the same expertise working for them.

In a high value transaction it is important to look at all angles and make the right decision.

“My partner and I could not be happier with the services provided by The Flight Academy. We have purchased two planes through them and their thorough knowledge of the market proved to be invaluable. In addition we have both utilized them for transition training as well as my partner receiving his instrument rating through their instruction. In summary we would recommend them to anyone even considering a Cirrus or Cirrus training.”
– Peter Schick

Let The Flight Academy work with you to find out what options and specifications in an aircraft you are looking for. We will then search the market to find you the aircraft that meets your needs. We have an extensive network of aircraft owners and sales contacts and in some cases can locate aircraft that are not even on the market.

After we have located an aircraft we will then negotiate the price using our knowledge of sales history, organize a pre-purchase inspection, handle escrow and title transfer. We can also arrange for delivery/pick up and your new aircraft and training.


Aircraft Management

Owning your own airplane can give you access to an entirely different lifestyle both personally and professionally. The ability to move quickly can help you expand your business and keep better tabs on remote locations. Fast and direct travel to will allow you to take a dream vacation in a quiet, out of the way place but you won’t have to spend all day getting there. 

Even so, aviation can present a whole new set of tasks for a busy person that might just keep them from getting involved in the first place. We can help you manage those tasks and remove those hindrances.

Let The Flight Academy take care of your airplane and pilot staffing needs. We’ll keep track of every maintenance item, ensure the plane is kept clean and ready to go, and even provide a professional pilot for any flight if desired. All of our pilots are also instructors so you can learn along the way or just leave the flying to us after a long day’s work. We can even fly your employees or family members to meet you if you don’t have the time.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Aircraft maintenance monitoring

  • GPS and avionics updating

  • Brokerage and buyer’s agent

  • Power of Attorney inspection and acceptance of aircraft

  • Professional pilot accompaniment and instruction

  • Experience with flying through many different countries all over the world

  • Aircraft rental in different countries


Ferry Service

The Flight Academy is a leader in ferrying Cirrus SR22s, Cirrus SF50s, and Pilatus PC-12 aircraft around the world.

We have a high time pilot staff that will make sure your aircraft arrives safely, in a timely manner and that it is flown correctly during the flight.

We have ferried aircraft worldwide, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Australia, the Caribbean, North America, and Asia. Let us put our aircraft expertise and ferry experience to work for you. We have flown across “the pond” in both directions dozens of times and are experienced in the trans-Pacific routing as well. We understand the ins and outs of tanking, over flight permits, visas, organizing fuel and all the details required for a safe and successful ferry flight.

Our prices are all-inclusive and cover the cost of fuel, pilot travel, charts, handling, airspace fees, tanking (if required), and survival gear.

Owner accompaniment on the trip is allowed and encouraged. Safety. Professionalism. Experience. These are the qualities that you will have working for you when you work with us. Contact us today for a price quote for your aircraft.


  • SF50 - Seattle to China

  • SF50 - Knoxville to London

  • SR22 - Poznan to Duluth

  • SR22 - Singapore to Washington D.C

  • SR22 - Duluth to Groningen

  • SR22 - Seoul to Santa Monica

  • SR22 - Knoxville to London

  • SR22 - Miami to Paris

  • SR22 - Santa Monica to Slovenia

  • SR20 - Duluth to Santiago

  • SR22 - Dublin to Duluth

  • SR20 - Las Vegas to Marrakech (flew over an erupting volcano)

  • SR22 - Duluth to Ryadiah

  • SR22 -Santa Monica to Locarno

  • SR20 - Seattle to Belgium

  • SR22 - Vancouver to Mallorca